Sunday, June 25, 2006

I now have a contract

The job has officially signed me up for the duration of my stay. And, to be perfectly honest, they are overpaying me. I'd do the job for the cost of bus fare, which would be nothing since I usually ride with my father. Still, the money is nice and it does provide some additional incentive to deliver.

As far as what I'll be doing, my primary responsibilities are to the fledgling High Performance Computing department and to the AITI-KACE blog, which I am writing.

As far as the blog goes, I have been given contractual permission to 'freely and joyously speak the truth'
Now, anyone who has ever heard me speak about journalism and the responsibilities of those who have a voice and an audience (think Jon Stewart on Crossfire or any other place he has spoken about the press) might have an idea of where this might occasionally lead to. Much like Bomani, I'm wondering how long it'll take until they figure out what they just did.

Either way, this is shaping up to be a fun ride.

Oh, expect my comments on Ghana, Brazil and the USA tomorrow. With pictures.


Kamau said...

Uhuru African Brother,

As long as Africa is represented in the World Cup I'm happy. I'm routing for Ghana all the whole! I'm glad to see there are other African "geeks".

Ubuntu Dapper is da shiznik.

Nairobi Paul said...

I'm American & am thrilled about Ghana winning!

Glad about your job.

Fleur d'Afrique. said...

Congrats on the offer! We're waiting for those pictures man :) It was a good game.