Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The portable writing surface

Remember I mentioned my new mobile writing device? Well here she is.


Pretty isn't she? Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Wakanda, A HP Pavillion dv2000z carrying

A 1.6 Ghz AMD Turion x2
1 Gig of Ram
80 GB hard drive
intergrated Geforce 6150 graphics
Integrated webcam and mic
14.1 inch widescreen monitor @ 1280x800

Not the most powerful system on the planet, but definitely loaded with enough power for my writing, coding and game playing needs. Right now she's running Windows XP Home(very occasionally) and Kubuntu Edgy(where this post is being typed)

I'll talk more about issues I have with linux, especially in Ghana, later.

She's still being configured though. I don't yet have all the software I want installed on either platform, though the linux box is much further along.

Speaking of configuration, if anyone has wallpapers of the following, I'd love to get my hands on a copy

1. Anything Milestone Comics related, but especilly Static and Hardware
2. Black Panther. She is called Wakanda after all
3. Anything Martial Arts related

Otherwise, this is how I'll be typing most of my posts to you now. Lets hope she holds up as well as she looks

Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to play

Hey people. I guess I've been gone for a while. Sorry about that. I have gotten pointed reminders from several people that my posts were missed. Well, I'm back to regular writing now. About time too. I honestly have missed this a lot.

Luckily I now have my own writing hardware outside of work (more on that later) so I write my posts at home and put them up when I get online later. This should mean I'm back to regular posting. Barring internet issues (more on that too) or things of that nature.

I have been thinking about content in my time off, in case you were wondering. The tone of the blog will probablybe changing slightly. Mostly because I'll be expanding my range of topics by quite a bit. I figure since this is my space then I get to pick what I talk about here. Hence, a lot more science fiction and comic book talk, a lot of stuff on Ghana and Africa in general, a lot of work related posts (science, linux, programming mostly), some martial arts and the regular personal development/human observation stuff you've come to know and love.

Obviously there will be some overlap in all of this. I hope that the stuff that comes out of my head/fingers will be of interest to all of you. Either way I'll still be here. And you're still welcome