Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moving on: A goodbye letter to Blogger

I've had this blog for almost two years now and in general I can say that it has been good to me. It has also not changed very much in that time. Uncharacteristically for google, they have failed to pay attention to improvements in blogging design that have been made since the days when this place used to be the best there was. Even the recent attempts with blogger beta still aren't up there yet in terms of features, though they do seem to have some cool ideas.

Well, I have been paying attention and I think the time has come to move on to better things. Now, the plan isto eventually get my own webspace where I can host my own blog and do anything to it I want. Until then though, I'm moving this place down the street to wordpress which is far more customizable and has cooler features.

Hence, the new address is:

Hope to see you there