Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This post is about Chocolate

I suppose there are more important things I could be talking about, but one of the things I missed most about being away was the food, so expect me to just talk about that at times.

For those of you who are unaware, Ghana is one of the world's leading exporters of cocoa, the stuff that makes chocolate. Its how thousands of Ghanaians make a living, including my grandmother for a chunk of her life. Hence in addition to just liking the way it tastes, I feel sort of a special connection to Ghanaian chocolate.

This is what I grew up eating, Golden Tree chocolate.

It comes in milk chocolate

Dark chocolate



and Coffee flavors

as well as pure cocoa powder

This stuff has no additives. Its great. Think really dark chocolate in a mug

(sidenote: apologies for the poor pictures. I'm on dialup these days sadly. I'll probably go over to an internet cafe with broadband to load the other pictures I am taking)

Anyway, turns out I 'accidentally' opened one of the bars

Now I guess I have to eat it all. Life is hard sometimes


sume said...

OMG, now you have to bring back samples. I wonder if I could find any of those in our local World Market store.

I learned something new about Ghana today. Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

wow my dad is from ghana and i didn't even know that

Kwasi said...

I'm guessing they are pretty hard to find in the US Sume. I always got mine sent to me.

I'm sure I can sneak in a few boxes on my trip though

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

ohh, you evil man.

R. said...

there's nothing like the chocolate you grow up with back home...

now if I could get my hands on that chocolate stout you keep talking about, I'd have the best of two worlds.

Comb & Razor said...

you see... i actually didn't know that.

we export cocoa in Nigeria too, but we hardly have any really good chocolate. definitely not any local brands, anyway!

KangolLove said...

That packaging in nice! I want the orange one.

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Great post, thank you for sharing :)

Belema said...

I like ure blog Kwasi ...keep it up !!!

Selam said...

I am an Ethiopian. I visited Ghana two months ago. I had a wonderful experiance and plan to go back there.

I have the opportunity to test the chocolate made in Ghan. It is delictious.

Thank you for the great blog.

Anonymous said...

I visited Ghana a couple of years ago and i really really love this chocolate! I brought back several boxes , and i wish i could've brought more. If only someone would sell it in this country...

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read about Golden Tree. I just searched for it because I was intrigued by a reference to it in THE NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO FAIR TRADE The Guide says that Golden Tree chocolate "has been successfully kept out of the North (meaning countries of the northern hemisphere) by high tariff walls (34% in Europe) and poor economies of scale." I guess that's why most of you can't find it. Like many of you, I would love to taste it, but for now the economic powers-that-be seem to have decided otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I returned from Ghana about 3 weeks ago with 8 boxes of golden tree chocolate bars and 4 bags of Pebbles, it was my first trip to Ghana, but my Dad has been there 21 times so I am always glad to get Golden Tree Chocolate bars

Unknown said...

Does anybody know where I can buy Golden Tree (in Ghana)? I can find the milk chocolate but I'd prefer the dark chocolate (or maybe one of the others). Nobody ever stocks anything other than milk.

I'm in Ghana for three weeks more, in the south (Takoradi, Cape Coast, Accra) - if you know where I can find Golden Tree chocolate please let me know!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I quite enjoy golden tree chocolate. I have a whole box in my room brought from a recent trip to Ghana!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention my favorite Ghanian chocolate, Golden Tree Fetteh Quarshie, 40% cocoa solids. Yum!


Anonymous said...


You can find the Golden Tree dark chocolate T.Q. Bar at Kaneshie Market in Accra. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Does the small lemon scented DARK chocolate bar in a green/yellow wrapper still exist. I "survived" on it as a child living in Ghana, Takoradi, with my parents in the early seventies, just almost next door to a Golden Tree chocolate factory.

Thomas Bjorn Larsen,
Copenhagen - Denmark

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Anonymous said...

My dad came home from his deployment(U.S. Navy)and a man from Ghana gave my dad GoldenTree Pebbles to take back home to us. I am sooo glad that my dad brought it back, it is soo delicious!!They also sell Ghana chocolate ("Ghana"<-- brand name) in Japan too (very popular). The world's got chocolate connections haha.

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Anonymous said...

My son's girlfriend whose father is from Ghana just returned from a long visit there. She brought us two big bars of the Kingsbite (milk) chocolate and some smaller ones of the orange and lemon.

They are all good. She described the texture as "crunchy" -- indeed, it is more hard and granular than American or European milk chocolate, but is made this way so that street vendors can sell the product without it melting in the hot African sun. The flavor is very robust, has a hint of coffee and also salt, and let me tell you, it is somewhat addictive! I wish some place like Trader Joe's would carry it.

Unknown said...

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Sue M. said...

I drive three brothers from Ghana going on 8 years. Their dad travels between the US and Ghana a few times a year and each time he returns to the US he brings me a lovely gift. I have NEVER had such luscious chocolate in my life. It smells like pure cocoa butter. GoldenTree Kingsbite milk chocolate is pure heaven.

My job certainly has its rewards but really, it's about MY kids. I love them all, and the parents too.

Unknown said...

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