Saturday, April 09, 2005

Its Spring. And other misc. thoughts

Birds are chirping, the sun stays out for more than 10 minutes a day, trees are starting to flower and clothes are beginning to come off. Honestly, it is at times like this that I love where I live. Basically its a middle class predominantly brown (black people, latinos and an increasing Asian population) neighborhood in what is considered one of the nice parts of Newark. Basically the kind of place where your neighbors blast loud salsa music on a warm spring day. In this warm weather I get to see a parade of beautiful brown women every day. Honestly, it just makes me feel better.

The warm weather also means I can begin to train outside. I went for a short run through the park today to find a suitable space where I could work on my kung fu basics without too much publicity. For some strange reason, martial arts training tends to attract all sorts of unwanted attention. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by how much stamina I still have. Plus I found a clearing about a mile away from the house that is perfect. I'll be out there tomorrow morning.

Anyway, since its spring, its about time for me to get rid of the afro. The last time I had a haircut was sometime in November so I have a fair amount of hair on my head. The reactions I've gotten from people have been really interesting. However, spring has come and I feel like it would be nice to be almost bald again. Plus I get to see how people's reactions toward me change now.

Another thing. Since its spring and I haven't bought new clothes in almost two years, I'll need to go shopping. That presents a rather interesting problem, though. You see, genetics and years of really low stance training have left me with a disproportionately large posterior and legs that look that they belong on a soccer player. Seriously, its one of those things just about every girl I've ever dated has mentioned. It presents interesting problems when I go shopping for khakis because if they are the right size for my waist they are almost skintight. I end up having to buy stuff significantly large than me so that I'll actually have some room in there. This is less of an issue when it comes to jeans and shorts but I'm trying something different this summer. We'll see how it goes.

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