Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Counting my online blessings

anansi boys cover

For those of you who also check out Pam's blog, you already know that she outdid herself, and won me as her eternally grateful servant, by getting me a SIGNED COPY OF NEIL GAIMAN'S ANANSI BOYS!

Yes, its in all caps, something which I generally have a firm rule against doing anywhere. That's how excited I am and how much this means to me. I literally don't have the words to properly say thank you. So I'll settle for putting it up someplace everyone is bound to see it. I will pass the favour on, and the first chance I get to return it I'll do that too.

While dancing about the house (literally) in joy, it occured to me that I have been very fortunate in my online interactions with people. The least of my fortunes have been the things people have sent me. Including, but not limited to, the complete run of Gary Phillips' 'Shot Callers' for my growing black comic creators collection and the hugely informative Guide to getting it on! (probably the most you'll ever hear me say about my sex life, at least for now)

At a certain point in my life I was very much in danger of becoming a hermit and a misanthrope, and yet I have been fortunate enough to constantly run into people who remind me how much kindness and genuine humanity there is out there, both online and in real life. For that I thank you all.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got your signed copy, and will send you a blessing of Happiness from