Friday, January 20, 2006

New writing duties

Those of you who also read Pam's blog already know about my new hobby, a collaborative comics blog called Prep Time Posse. This is another one of those things Okayplayer has gotten me into. The people on this blog are people I usually end up discussing comic books with on the boards. Between all of us I'd imagine there probably hasn't been a significant comics event in the last two or three decades that we lack expertise in. The stuff currently up is definitely gold and I expect that to continue.

(sidenote: the name comes from our version of the standard 'which hero would win in a fight' argument where it was eventually agreed that given enough prep time batman could defeat pretty much anyone)

I don't have a piece up yet but it will be coming soon. In keeping with my comics talk here, it will probably border on the sticky issue of race and comics fandom at some point. I'll also talk about comics I think you should be reading, recommend old stuff I like and maybe work in at least one Milestone Comics post. There will also be some general 'what is wrong with comics' posts

I'll definitely let you know when my stuff starts to roll out.

I'm also taking part in an online food log where I shall be providing all the gory details of my daily eating patterns. I might also use it to log exercise. That I haven't decided yet.

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