Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I Can't sleep

It seems that I inherited my father's insomniac tendencies when stressed. Usually night time meditation clears up my head enough for me to go straight to sleep. Not this time. In my defence, today was particularly stressful. My car was stolen and then recovered by the police. The perks of living in Newark, I guess. Though I can't imagine what kind of idiot thought a '99 Hyundai Accent was worth stealing, especially considering the other cars on the street that day. I have no idea what kind of shape it is in and I won't know until tomorrow morning when I go to pick it up. In addition to that, my procrastination last semester will keep me from registering for classes until at least thursday. Unfortunately, classes started today. I'm going to just keep showing up until I get all the paperwork taken care of. On a brighter note, I didn't panic. I stayed calm and handled everything as it happened. I hope I can remain this sure of myself in the future

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