Monday, March 21, 2005

Girls, Girls, Girls

Here's the thing, I've been studying and training pretty much constantly for a couple of weeks now, with the exception of my time in Baltimore. The only thing I worked on there was my alcohol tolerance which, I am glad to report, is still holding up pretty well. Unfortunately, massive mental exertion and massive physical exertion have the same effect on me. I start thinking about women. Well, specifically, certain activities which, for me, usually require the presence of an enthusiastic woman. So, anyway, this blog has been getting just a little too introspective. Plus I've been studying all day and feel like talking about sex.

You may have noticed from one of my earlier posts that it has been a while since I last 'had relations' with a woman. The reason for that is simply that I've been focusing on getting other areas of my life back on track and so I've either been working, training or keeping in touch with friends and family. End result, I'm more stable, healthier and doing better in school. I've repaired almost all of the relationships I screwed up as well. Now all I need is an attractive, intelligent woman who wants to strip me naked and molest me. I promise not to put up any resistance, unless she wants me to of course.

Thankfully for me, things are starting to look up though. One of my old flames from college just graduated medical school and is moving to NYC to start her residency. Another old flame from high school is about to graduate from Harvard and is taking a job in Princeton. Add in the Neuroscience grad student from D.C. who I mentioned earlier and life could be getting really interesting very soon. Did I mention I like really intelligent women? Keeps me on my toes. Luckily for me, I somehow manage to remain on good terms with almost all of the women in my life so women I flirted with years ago still flirt with me today and women who I slept with years ago still occasionally come around for old times sake. Its sort of like being Chris Rock's proverbial dick in a glass jar, except the jar is fragile and cracked and could give away under its own weight at any second.

Personally, I look forward to this drought being over. Not that you guys will ever get any real details, I'm a gentleman about some things. Only my closest friends are entitled to all the sordid details

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