Thursday, March 31, 2005

Interesting day

Well, the saga of Kwasi and his neverending quest to find a good woman, or at least break in his mattress, continues.

Today's story is about one of the women in my earlier posting. The one who's about to become a doctor. For the purposes of this story I will refer to her as Doc. I'm sure the sheer originality of my name choice comes as a shock to you all.

Doc and I have had a wierd relationship since my freshman year of college. She was a Junior at the time. A lettered NCAA sprinter and one of the stars of the chemistry department. Beautiful, athletic, extremely talented. I, on the other hand, was a shy kid still growing out of all the insecurity I'd carried with me through high school. Since I was the only African in her dorm, she kind of checked up on me every once in a while During my first winter, when I was extremely homesick and depressed, she would cook for me and we'd hang out and watch old movies. I, of course, had a massive crush on her. At the same time I knew she was way out of my league so I never expected us to be anything but friends. Big mistake. She, for reasons I still can't fully grasp, liked me. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near secure enough in myself to understand why a woman who seemed perfect in my eyes would find me interesting. So instead of diving in head first, I punked out. Probably the biggest mistake of my college career, though it taught me a valuable lesson about going for what you want. Plus I learned how to salsa because of her. We ended up flirting back and forth but never really doing anything about it.

Anyway. Two years pass, she graduates and goes to med school. I don't see or hear from her for almost five years. Then another college friend of mine moved to Boston, ran into her and passed on her number. We started talking again. For about the last month or so we've spoken pretty much every week plus we've been flirting over email. She just got into her top choice residency program in New York so she'll be moving up this way. Plus she's still single, a fact that leads me to theorize a widespread outbreak of glaucoma in the Boston metro area. Either that or some form of brain eating bacteria. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Their loss may turn out to be my gain.

When we spoke last weekend she mentioned that her sister was in New Jersey so she might pass by. Plus she'd have to come look for apartments in the city anyway. I told her to give me a call if she made it into the area. Tuesday night, all of a sudden, I got a phone call from her saying that she was less than half an hour away visiting her sister and she'd leaving on thursday morning. This led to my scrapping my standard wednesday study schedule to spend the morning with her. We spent a couple of hours getting caught up withe each other's lives, discussing past relationships, what we want out of life, spiritual faith and our mutual love of walking around naked in our homes. It was a great conversation. Then we went out for lunch, I went home and immediately headed off to school. It was probaly the best day I've had in a long time. we're supposed to hang out again the next time she comes to look for an apartment. We'll probably go salsa dancing. Worst case, this will become a good friendship. Best case, I'll get another shot at something meaningful. I can't really lose either way.

Random thoughts:
1. She looks good. Apparently the result of three days a week in Tae Kwan Do class for the last couple of years. I now have the perfect motivation to train every day.

2. She's actually insecure about her looks. I fail to understand how that happens and yet I constantly see it. I know several incredibly attractive women who are have achieved great things and yet are still unsure of themselves. Its wierd for me because I use their drive an achievements as motivation and yet they don't seem to be aware of how special they are. Women like that should never need to be reassured that they're beautiful or desirable. There should me an army of men knocking down their doors every second of the day and yet they're alone and unsure of themselves. Some things I'll never understand.

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